Tribes of Calvary Tabernacle

We believe that using small groups will encourage us to live James 1:22 (be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only) These groups will be known as tribes. They will prove to be the most effective way for us to support our Pastor’s vision. We know there are many different gifts and not all of us have the same gifts, that is why we must work together to reach a common goal.

That goal is to lighten the load of our pastor, reach lost souls, live a Christian life in word and deed, and become a family that is unified and prepared for the coming of the Lord by knowing the word of God, showing forth his love and fellowship through prayer.

Tribes will provide a way for everyone to get connected without Pastor being the main facilitator.

The objectives of each tribe are to promote love, unity, growth, and accountability; while providing an atmosphere of clean fun fellowship, and also becoming a part of a team. Each tribe will encourage enrollment in the Calvary Tabernacle Academy, raise money and awareness to world missions, and develop the next generation of leaders.

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